October 2021 late fall blooms

As the weather gets ever closer to the nighttime frost, the blooms continue to claim the above freezing time. Here are several things that are still going in the garden.

These cosmos seeds grew into plants so late I was convinced they wouldn’t make it to blooming. But they have just started.

The walnut trees are blazing with turning leaves.

The yarrow has had a second life. I had cut it back as it died off in the heat of August. But now it is fully back and even blooming again.

The roses are showing no signs of recognizing the coming frost.

August 2021 zinnia and marigolds

The zinnias are a nice spot of color next to some tomato plants and the marigolds are planted primarily in with the potatoes to ward off bugs. I have other taller marigolds that are coming later and should be blooming in September –they are in with the roma tomato plants. I like both of these flowers a lot –they are old fashioned standards.

Look at that lovely bit of spider web…. that must have been a fun trail for that spider to spin.

August 2021 Zinnias

I like zinnias –they are such little workhorses of lasting color in the garden. I have some in a little pot next to the corner of the house and two other little bunches of them growing next to some tomato plants. They have barely started up with their blooms. These are cut-and-come-again. I’ve cut a few of them for a little vase in the kitchen, but mostly I am just watching them in the garden.

July 2021 last morning of camping and a few more garden blooms

Here is one of the backtracking posts –I am posting this to share this picture of the last morning of camping. I awoke very early and the sunrise was on the water and the campground was very quiet. I got out my camera and walked down toward the water and saw this crane in the water. The moon the night before had been astounding –and the moonrise over the lake was lovely too.

Lovely moonrise over the water.

And here are some pictures of more blooms in south dakota.

And below is one of my favorite blooms, Tiglet.