October 2021 late fall blooms

As the weather gets ever closer to the nighttime frost, the blooms continue to claim the above freezing time. Here are several things that are still going in the garden.

These cosmos seeds grew into plants so late I was convinced they wouldn’t make it to blooming. But they have just started.

The walnut trees are blazing with turning leaves.

The yarrow has had a second life. I had cut it back as it died off in the heat of August. But now it is fully back and even blooming again.

The roses are showing no signs of recognizing the coming frost.

July 2021 wildflowers and travel

The internet access has been close to non-existent for the last few days but that is not necessarily bad. The trip has been great so far. Good camp sights. Lovely wildflowers and good luck with weather.

Camp site in western Nebraska.
Camp site in northern Colorado
Campsite in southern Colorado

The shade tent at this third campsite is set up very near to the water so we could scamper out of the very very cold water of the stream into the tent with waiting warm clothes and hot tea.

Morning light over stream

I will try to post some pictures of landscapes and some more of the lovely flowers soon.

June 2021 Yarrow and bachelor’s buttons

This yarrow is the happiest of any of the yarrow plants in the garden. It is next to the back patio and gets solid, bright but morning-only sun. I know yarrow gets marked as wanting full sun, but I think giving it a bit of a break at some point during the day is probably helping out–at least for this plant. There is also a bachelor’s button plant next to this. Last year I planted (and grew) in this spot a bachelor’s button that had dark maroon flowers. I had thought when this came up at the beginning of the spring that maybe it had reseeded. Whatever the situation, the flowers on this plant are not the deep maroon color. It does look lovely next to the yarrow.

June 2021 Japanese iris, yarrow, and a couple of cats

These Japanese iris were in a spot near the barn where there was not enough sun for them and they didn’t bloom until I moved them to this spot. I divided them when I moved them. Now there is one small clump in this bed in front of the front porch and another clump in the bed in front of the fence. I think I was trying to see where they would be happy. So far, both clumps are doing ok. Last year they bloomed a bit –but this year they are putting on more of a show. I think they might be the most elegant flowers in the garden. I am partial to purple flowers, but it is the delicacy of the flowers and the curves of the stems that I really like with these plants. They are hard to see in these pictures.

Here is Pretty looking very content with herself on this chair.
And Mitsy, looking just as please with herself inside.

These two clumps of yarrow are both doing well. The pink one is enormous and has plenty of room. The white one squeezed itself in at the end of the ferns. I didn’t plant the white one; it showed up there a couple of years ago and seems happy enough.

May 2021 Garden blooms on the verge

There are many things in the garden right now on the verge of blooming. The enclosed, compressed energy is impressive.

If it keeps raining like it has for the last few days, the peonies will be really spectacular. I also may never get the lawn cut. Below is yarrow getting ready.

This is sage getting ready to bloom. The tarragon behind it is doing fantastically well. These are chives below.

I will save the bachelor’s buttons (cornflowers) for tomorrow. Maybe the sun will come out between now and then.

May 2021 May Day flowers, growth, and some kitties

I had a little garden tour this morning and had some kitty help with everything.

The yarrow looks great this year and the hostas have popped up overnight.

These lily of the valley have come on really quickly. The recent warm weather has hastened everything.

I have little violets growing in many beds… and coming up in the lawn too.

These phlox are starting to bloom. They look more blue in the sunlight than in these pictures.

These iris are very early –I didn’t even notice they were getting this close to blooming until suddenly they were opening. I love this very rich purple. They are not very tall.

The rhubarb has really come along too.

This almond bush has opened out into these amazing pink pom pom blooms.

I probably should have cut the lawn before taking pictures… but the light was so lovely this morning.

And here are some kitties playing amongst the peonies.

March 2021 Garden Stirrings and Growth

The tulips are definitely moving along.

And the hyacinths are also moving.

The yarrow is looking very fern-like.

The chives are moving along.

Strawberries are starting to send some runners and wake up leaves.
This will be a forest of Bachelor’s Buttons unless I thin them.
The oregano and parsley both have made it through; below is the sorrel returning.
The rose awakening.
Silly kitty being very happy about rolling around on her back.
And here is a surprise bowl of sprouting plants that I found when I went out to collect my laundry from the line. A lovely neighbor left them for me.