July 2021 wildflower and New Mexico skies

In La Plata canyon Colorado I picked a lovely batch of wildflowers. I think I managed to identify most of them.

Here is the list I came up with: yellow monkeyflower, winged buckwheat, white yarrow, fairy trumpet, tall penstemon, subalpine larkspur, aster, and some kind of goldenrod possibly.

I am back in Farmington New Mexico where the skies are big.

If you look very carefully you can see the rainbow here.

June 2021 Japanese iris, yarrow, and a couple of cats

These Japanese iris were in a spot near the barn where there was not enough sun for them and they didn’t bloom until I moved them to this spot. I divided them when I moved them. Now there is one small clump in this bed in front of the front porch and another clump in the bed in front of the fence. I think I was trying to see where they would be happy. So far, both clumps are doing ok. Last year they bloomed a bit –but this year they are putting on more of a show. I think they might be the most elegant flowers in the garden. I am partial to purple flowers, but it is the delicacy of the flowers and the curves of the stems that I really like with these plants. They are hard to see in these pictures.

Here is Pretty looking very content with herself on this chair.
And Mitsy, looking just as please with herself inside.

These two clumps of yarrow are both doing well. The pink one is enormous and has plenty of room. The white one squeezed itself in at the end of the ferns. I didn’t plant the white one; it showed up there a couple of years ago and seems happy enough.