June 2021 stormy morning

We are getting some much needed rain this morning. It came up very quickly. At about 5.30am the light changed in the sky and to the west the sky went pink. Apparently there was a rainbow this morning, but I didn’t see it.

Here is a sweet little lily that opened overnight.

This dianthus is an oddity. At the end of the year, I’ve turned this pot upside down with the plant in it and it comes back in the spring. The first year, it was simply luck –I turned the pot over to keep it from breaking and was surprised to find it sprouting back in the spring. This is now the third year of this same dianthus planting.

This hosta is doing so well this year –particularly full and tall.

March 2021 River and Seed Pods (and one cat picture)

The lovely shift to spring weather has coincided with the calendar this year. I don’t quite trust this warmth, and I imagine there will be another snow, probably in April. Last year the late frost was 16 May. But, enough of those gloomy thoughts. Here are some photos from a walk near the big river. These were taken on 20 March. So beautiful. A bit windy, which accounts for some of the blowing sand you can see in some of the pictures. I was also trying to show some of the standing stalks with their amazing seed pods still in place. And I finish off with a picture of a cat, because it is always helpful to see a picture of Tiglet. He is lounging in a box of straw in the barn.