July 2021 imminent blooms and a trip

I am leaving to go on a road trip and I am particularly noticing the things in the garden that are very close to blooming. I won’t be gone that long, but given that things change every single day I am sure there are some moments I will miss. But I am looking forward to seeing some different landscapes and some friends I haven’t seen in a while.

This bed is changing a lot (partly because tomatoes really do change so quickly). And I expect these moss roses will be spectacular when I return.

Here are several things that are about to bloom or are just starting up.

Love lies bleeding
Four o clocks … or as the poets of the 17C called it: marvel of Peru
zinnias partly underway
two potted lantana, above and below

So I will have to do a comparison when I return –or maybe I will have some updates from the garden while I am away. Meanwhile the kitties are saying, “You are doing WHAT?”

Milton, disapproving and accusing; Caramel, resigned.
Cousin, disappointed.

June 2021 stormy morning

We are getting some much needed rain this morning. It came up very quickly. At about 5.30am the light changed in the sky and to the west the sky went pink. Apparently there was a rainbow this morning, but I didn’t see it.

Here is a sweet little lily that opened overnight.

This dianthus is an oddity. At the end of the year, I’ve turned this pot upside down with the plant in it and it comes back in the spring. The first year, it was simply luck –I turned the pot over to keep it from breaking and was surprised to find it sprouting back in the spring. This is now the third year of this same dianthus planting.

This hosta is doing so well this year –particularly full and tall.