June 2021 Kitties, peonies, and peas

The peas are forming in their little pods. And there are many blooms. I have one little row of peas so I will probably eat them all sitting in the garden, since there are so few of them. I planted them all the way back in March.

The peonies are opening. I think there are fewer blooms than last year. The oddities of the weather in the early year might have altered the way these were able to form their blooms.

In the bed near where the squash and pumpkin will be spreading out, there are wall flowers and cat mint. I read that the cat mint would drive away squash bugs. I don’t know if that is true, but the plant is looking really lovely.

June 2021 River and more peonies

I suppose I should have named this as May 2021 for the river pictures since it was yesterday we went. It was a perfect day and the water was very cold but the sun felt great. I also saw some flowers that I hadn’t seen before.

The peonies are really opening quickly now.

Tiglet stretch with some rhubarb.

May 2021 Peonies blooming

This might be the earliest these peonies have ever come out. They are usually at least a week later. We had a strangely warm week early on in the spring and I think it hurried several things. Luckily the cold snap doesn’t seem to have stunted them at all.

It has been a very full May. Sorry these pictures aren’t very good. I will get some better ones tomorrow —or the next day.

May 2021 Garden blooms on the verge

There are many things in the garden right now on the verge of blooming. The enclosed, compressed energy is impressive.

If it keeps raining like it has for the last few days, the peonies will be really spectacular. I also may never get the lawn cut. Below is yarrow getting ready.

This is sage getting ready to bloom. The tarragon behind it is doing fantastically well. These are chives below.

I will save the bachelor’s buttons (cornflowers) for tomorrow. Maybe the sun will come out between now and then.

May 2021 May Day flowers, growth, and some kitties

I had a little garden tour this morning and had some kitty help with everything.

The yarrow looks great this year and the hostas have popped up overnight.

These lily of the valley have come on really quickly. The recent warm weather has hastened everything.

I have little violets growing in many beds… and coming up in the lawn too.

These phlox are starting to bloom. They look more blue in the sunlight than in these pictures.

These iris are very early –I didn’t even notice they were getting this close to blooming until suddenly they were opening. I love this very rich purple. They are not very tall.

The rhubarb has really come along too.

This almond bush has opened out into these amazing pink pom pom blooms.

I probably should have cut the lawn before taking pictures… but the light was so lovely this morning.

And here are some kitties playing amongst the peonies.

April 2021 peonies from seed

I have many beautiful peonies. They were here when I bought the house. It was particularly lovely the first year because I had looked at the house in the winter and closed on it while it was still snow covered. Here is what they look like in all their glory. Or some of their glory.

A couple of years ago, I dug out some of the little seedlings from where they had started up in the lawn and transplanted them over by the mulberry tree. AND they look like they will bloom this year.

This year there were several healthy looking seedlings and I decided to dig some of them for transplanting. I hadn’t really thought about peonies coming up from seed.

On this one you can see the seed pod.

I’ve put two different clusters of seedlings in the garden. One cluster is between other clumps of peonies in the back. I’ve set out a new clump in the front. These I have put some wire fence around, mostly to keep the kitties from squashing them.

April 2021 after the snow; seedlings and herb bed

It wasn’t much of a snow and it didn’t sit on the ground long, but it made the tulips look sad for a while. I think it probably put an end to my apricot dreams. The hyacinth don’t seem to care at all.

The bleeding heart looks a bit withered and tired out by the snow. This plant comes out so early that it often has trouble; I also ought to have covered it and didn’t.

The seedlings in the house don’t care about the snow and they are coming on. Some are flowers, some veg, and some basil.

The herb bed outside looks terrible and abandoned, but in the midst of all of it there are lovely signs.

The tarragon is coming (above) and so is the mint (below). I hope to spend some time over the weekend cleaning up this bed.

The peonies and the hostas seem none the worse for having had a bit of snow.