June 2021 love-in-a-mist and marsh mallow

The love-in-a-mist doesn’t seem to be as tall this year as it was last year, but I might be misremembering. Perhaps I will dig out some pictures of the flowers from last year and see if the height is visible. The marsh mallow looks amazing. But in the photos it looks more pink and to my eye it looks more lavender in the garden.

Above those are columbine leaves around the love-in-a-mist and below are some poppies included.

Here Sydney enjoying some Shakespeare on my lap.

I think this marsh mallow is Althaea officinalis. I have another plant from this same family –called malva, or what my next door neighbor called miniature hollyhock. It is just starting to bloom. I will get some photos of it at some point. Meanwhile, these are really looking lovely.