May 2021 : : Kitty spotlight on Claribel

Claribel is Vladimir’s sister. There were only the two of them –and here is a picture I’ve already included that shows Vladimir and Claribel with their Mum.

But since you can barely see her little tiny self in that picture, here are a couple of others of her as a tiny kitten.

Claribel was born in August of 2009.; I’m not sure why she looks so grey in this picture. It must be the light reflecting off the mass expanses of that sofa.

This picture was taken in December of 2009 –she is about 4 1/2 or 5 months old here.

January of 2010…. she is getting big.
This picture is from 2012, but she still loves to sit on the top of the banister post at the top of the stairwell.
I have so many other delightful pictures of Claribel that I will have to do another spotlight on her at some point. She is still a tiny cat. In this picture below, she and her brother look like they are the same size. In reality –and out of the depths of a comforter –he is about twice the size of her. It is somewhat rare to catch them cuddled together.

Claribel is definitely the most limber, flexible, and acrobatic of all the cats.

Cousin is looking at that toy… I think it had been rubbed on catnip.

Above, Claribel cuddles her head into a nice warm Cara tummy. All the kitties like to cuddle with Cara. Fewer of them are keen to cuddle with Milton (the black kitty below). Milton and Claribel are often found together. Here they are looking like a pair of snoozy outlaws: Trouble and Sneaky.

2021 May : : Kitty spotlight on Vladimir

Vladimir is a very handsome cat. He has managed to retain a great deal of his kittenish charm, but it occurs to me that he is not a young kitten anymore. He was born in August of 2009. He was an adorable kitten.

Vladimir and his pink nose as a kitten. He is pictured here with his sister Claribel and his mother.

This is him in Dec 2009.

Vlad is looking for (or finding) some trouble. His little sister is keeping an eye on everything at the bottom of the picture. Cousin is unimpressed by any of it.
January of 2010
May of 2010

He is a sweet, silly kitten. Here is a post about him and his bed head, if you want to see more pictures of Vlad.

Here is a picture of Vlad with his mum! She is such a tiny cat.