November 2021 autumn garden

There was some snow here in these upper plains, and then some strong wind, and then a little rain. All of which means there is no snow here right now and the garden is struggling on in its odd autumnal state. Bits of color from drying blooms still show through but the yellows and browns are starting to prevail. In the mornings, the temperature has been hovering around 38-40F (about 4C). Although it did get to about 60F one day this last week (15C): unseasonably warm for this late in November. These temperatures mean that the plants are all easing into winter.

Some of the monk’s hood (above) still has its lovely color, while some of the stalks are blackened and done. The purple cone flower heads (below) make such dramatic stalks.

August 2021 blooms, amaranth, and a begonia

I had a lovely time watching a hummingbird this morning but have no pictures of it. The blooms are vibrant in the morning light, but everything is starting to get to that point where it might tip over the edge of the august sloping downward. This begonia is doing well outside, we will see if I can keep it alive over the winter this year.

This gorgeous airy plant is a Rocky Mountain Bee Balm. There is a bee on the other side of this bloom above.

This white blooming hosta above is really beautiful. Below is the red amaranth with the seed just starting to show. I wish I liked the taste of it better than I do. It isn’t bad, but I think it tastes too much like dirt (or “earthy” as a friend of mine more politely calls it).

August 2021 hostas blooming and a new phlox

The hostas are blooming and the bees love them. My bee pictures are not good. I will try to get better ones… but the blur of activity is a little appropriate. I also have this lovely lavender phlox that showed up alongside the peonies this year. I am not sure where this came from, but it is lovely.

Lavender phlox.
Sidney looking handsome on the bench. Tiglet is far too busy for bench lounging.

July 2021 pink rose

I’ve settled back in at home and the garden feels a bit less shocking than it did for a while. In other words, I am now accustomed to the updated version of the plants. I am a bit worried about my roma tomatoes which seems a lot farther behind the other varieties than they should be. The pink roses in the front are doing really well and the dahlia will be starting up soon. Meanwhile the geraniums are always a splash of color.

Below, this hosta is doing well –and Pretty is hiding behind the monkshood.

July 2021 phlox and hosta

I am very fond of this white phlox and last year moved it to this corner spot of this bed as it gets more sun here than it was getting in the midst of the hostas farther to the north in this bed. It turns out I didn’t get all of it when I moved it…. so now I have some bravely emerging phlox back over in the old spot. I cleaned out this bed and tried to spread out some of these hosta last year, and I think that actually gave this phlox a better chance and might have even improved the amount of sun it is getting in the old position. I particularly like this phlox because it continues to bloom for a very long time. This bed gets moonlight in the early nighttime and it is stunning on these blooms.

Just in the upper right in the background here you can see the old position –and the returning phlox there. Below is a better picture of those who refused to move.

The hosta are starting to bloom –the miniature hosta are finished. For some reason they bloom really early.

And here are a couple of kitty pictures to round things out this morning.

Claribel with tiny paws.
Cousin, handsome as ever.

And here is some ambitious over confidence about the possibility of working that door handle.

June 2021 Miniature hosta

These miniature hostas were given to me by the neighbor of a friend living in the next state over and they are such sweet little minis. I’ve propped up the oversized hosta that lives next to them so that this year I can properly see them. They are early blooming. I do also have a little miniature “mouse ears” hosta, but I need to move it so it is more visible.

These miniatures are quite small, but the ones behind them in this picture are also very tall hosta.

These are the other miniatures –and it looks like something has been eating them. All the more reason to get them moved. I must remember to do that move this fall. AND mark them after I move them so I don’t forget in the spring.

Here are a couple of pictures of regular hostas –I really like both of these kinds.

This variegated hosta is on the corner of the bed next to the patio and it glows in moonlight. It is what makes sense for me of the idea of white gardens.

June 2021 Geranium /pelargonium, and some kitties

I have several geraniums in pots and move them inside in the winter and bring them back out in the summer. I do love how cheery they are in the winter, but I think some of mine might be reaching their age limit. I think I will take a couple of these out of their pots and see what is actually in good shape and do some heavy trimming. If I do it fairly soon they will still have a couple good months outside to recover from whatever I end up doing to them.

This pink one (above and below) was repotted last year.

This poor thing above needs to be released from its cage and its pot. I’m not sure what is happening in this one.
This white one is perfectly happy in the pot, but the top edge of the pot is disintegrating badly.

I just moved this deep red one, so I am trying to give it a chance to figure out which way it wants to go. I didn’t repot it, but took it out of a rather protected spot. The red is really deep.

This one has (obviously) a very different leaf and although the color doesn’t really show in this picture, the red is different than the other one.

Pretty is very happy about this seat. The evening sky last night almost looked like it might produce some rain, but it did not.

June 2021 stormy morning

We are getting some much needed rain this morning. It came up very quickly. At about 5.30am the light changed in the sky and to the west the sky went pink. Apparently there was a rainbow this morning, but I didn’t see it.

Here is a sweet little lily that opened overnight.

This dianthus is an oddity. At the end of the year, I’ve turned this pot upside down with the plant in it and it comes back in the spring. The first year, it was simply luck –I turned the pot over to keep it from breaking and was surprised to find it sprouting back in the spring. This is now the third year of this same dianthus planting.

This hosta is doing so well this year –particularly full and tall.

May 2021 Iris, peony, and kitties

One of the seedling peonies has bloomed! Here is a post from last month about the peonies from seed. And here is the lovely bloom.

The other peonies are on the verge of opening. It is raining this morning, but I took these pictures yesterday afternoon.

I have several iris that came on while I was away in Colorado.

And I have some snoozy kitties.