November 2021 autumn garden

There was some snow here in these upper plains, and then some strong wind, and then a little rain. All of which means there is no snow here right now and the garden is struggling on in its odd autumnal state. Bits of color from drying blooms still show through but the yellows and browns are starting to prevail. In the mornings, the temperature has been hovering around 38-40F (about 4C). Although it did get to about 60F one day this last week (15C): unseasonably warm for this late in November. These temperatures mean that the plants are all easing into winter.

Some of the monk’s hood (above) still has its lovely color, while some of the stalks are blackened and done. The purple cone flower heads (below) make such dramatic stalks.

March 2021 Rainy garden day

It has been raining here, luckily not snowing. And it is a soft, nice rain. So lovely. And the garden still has the spring convergence of new growth and old leaves and seed pods. Soon I will clear the leaves and brush out of the beds, but I am holding back because the last frost date here is 15 May (and it is frequently that cold then).