May 2021 Allium, lily of the valley, and a kitty

I wrote this post a couple of weeks ago … and then never posted it. I’m not quite sure what went wrong. But here it is with a particularly sweet picture of little Minnie in the middle of a very big bed of straw.

This allium is really blooming. So lovely. And I got the straw spread in the space south of the bed for the pumpkin and squash vines to spread over.

And the kitties are happy about the enormous straw bed.

May 2021 wallflower, allium, iris, and other excitements

I had planned to put up some pictures from a visit to a local greenhouse –the splendors of abundance — but the garden is so lovely in the morning light and so many things are changing right now that I couldn’t resist.

It is in this bed that the most changes are happening right now. There are the iris, allium (newly opening), a tiny orange wallflower starting up, and some lilies that have suddenly become proper plants. There are also malva, hollyhocks, and a variety of types what I think of as black eyed Susans. I should look up proper names for these– some of the varieties are ones that my gardening neighbor and I dug from a fallow field in the countryside.

With some help from SIdney.
Tiglet in all his glory.

And here are the phlox by the barn, getting more gorgeous..

Looking behind these phlox, toward the corner of the barn, the lilies are starting to come. And it looks like they have increased substantially since last year. This lily is enormous, white, and heavily scented.