September 2021 tipping of seasons and a fig

Oddly the season is feeling very autumnal and still summer is hanging on. It was chilly here. Last week it was down to 39F (just below 4C). But this week the highs during the day have been up to about 91/92F (32/33C). I am pleased since the tomatoes are still coming and I’d like a few more to ripen.

In any case, the lawn is once again very green and not crunchy. It has recovered as though the end of July crunch didn’t happen.

The fig in the picture below is one of many on the fig tree that is right up against the south side of the house. I don’t have much hope of these getting to ripe….

August 2021 four o clocks and bees

The white flowers in the garden are generally doing the best of the blooms, but there are also many pinks and lavenders. I usually think there will be many yellow and orange blooms at this time of year and the rudbeckia are still blooming and there are some lilies, but the garden isn’t overwhelmed with yellow.

I put some plants together in this bed near the street and the pink four o clock is doing really well. The cosmos in this bed isn’t blooming yet. That is feverfew on the right, which looks worse in the picture than it does in life. It is a bit past its best.

In this picture above this four o clock is growing in a little raised space in the middle of this bed. The Love Lies Bleeding on the right is doing well; the eggplant in the front of the photo are not really producing that much yet.

August 2021 other people’s kitties and some blooms

I have two friends out of town at the moment. They each have cats and for one of them, I am the main cat carer. In the other instance, I am just visiting the kitties and giving them treats and extra pets. SO, here is a post with some images from elsewhere. And I have a few pictures of some blooms.

Here is Thomas, looking handsome.

Here is a picture below of the very sweet Grumps having a snack on the porch.

Here, below, is a picture of all three of the kitties at this house. I didn’t take this picture, but I thought it would be nice to have a picture of all three of them.

Here is one of Thomas’ favorite spots… but he isn’t it in it:

And I am taking care of this kitty –Jack. He is enormous. And very sweet.

Jack doesn’t miss meals….

It is very satisfying to rub his tummy because he likes it and it is nice and big.

Below are some pictures of blooms at Thomas’ house.

August 2021 one dahlia plant and red amaranth

I have one dahlia that is opening –and it is very red and lovely. I don’t know if the yellow ones will be as spectacular this year. The other stunning thing in the garden is the red amaranth, but it doesn’t photograph very well.

Here are some pictures of the red dahlia. The tomatoes behind the plant are escaping and are partially cage-free at this point.

This picture above gives some idea of the height of the amaranth; the picture below looks more pinkish than is accurate. These seed heads are really burgundy. I do have some of the Love-Lies-Bleeding –which are very pink, but they do not seem to get as tall as these.

August 2021 outside cats and garden

The weather really has shifted momentarily here and it is cool. It did not rain though so I will be watering heavily today to try to make up for it. I cut the lawn yesterday and Tiglet posed in various places.

Below is Tiglet in two different views in the same seat, conveniently he turned himself to face in the opposite direction.

Above is little Minnie and Sidney –with just a tiny view of Pretty’s tail on the right. That is a pot filled with some hyacinth bulbs that I found in the basement. I had thought I was going to give up on them, but at the last moment stuck them in this pot. I don’t know if they will make it to blooming. Maybe I should put them in the front of the house so they get longer sun.

Below, all three kittens are on the steps. Minnie, Tiglet, and Martin Frobisher enjoying the sunset.

And here is a pair of funny pictures of Caramel. It is cool enough for Cara to be happy curled up here.

July 2021 last morning of camping and a few more garden blooms

Here is one of the backtracking posts –I am posting this to share this picture of the last morning of camping. I awoke very early and the sunrise was on the water and the campground was very quiet. I got out my camera and walked down toward the water and saw this crane in the water. The moon the night before had been astounding –and the moonrise over the lake was lovely too.

Lovely moonrise over the water.

And here are some pictures of more blooms in south dakota.

And below is one of my favorite blooms, Tiglet.

2021 July camping, Colorado

I spent a couple of nights with family camping in southern Colorado in the San Juan Forest. It was lovely and the weather cooperated. It sprinkled a little, but when it really rained it didn’t interfere with any activities.

We went one afternoon to hike near the La Piedra river.

Heading back to South Dakota, I stayed over at this place just over the state line into the south western corner of Nebraska.

The moon was nearly full and was shining on the water; I was lucky with my camping spot since I could see the water from my bed in the camper.

I am home now after this whirlwind of travel and the garden is running rampant and wild. The lawn is overgrown and the flowers are bursting. The tomato plants are heavy with green fruit. And the lovely new rose is in full bloom. Very lucky I didn’t miss that. Pictures of the blooms soon!