April 2021 River picnic, pickles, and blue bells

Quick Sunday visit to see how the river is doing. It was nice and sunny but the breeze was chilly. On Monday morning, there are snow flurries, so Sunday seemed even better in hindsight.

I also opened a couple of pickles… kosher dill (that I cut into spears here) and the other is a thin sliced cucumber pickle with thin sliced ginger, pickled with cardamom and star anise. Yum. The kosher dills are too salty. But I will work harder next time to get the brine rinsed better.

These fields of blue bells (ok, not really a field, but a massive swath of a garden) are just up the street from my house. They are so lovely and the bees are loving them so much that I have to put a picture in here —but they are NOT in my garden.

March 2021 Rainy garden day

It has been raining here, luckily not snowing. And it is a soft, nice rain. So lovely. And the garden still has the spring convergence of new growth and old leaves and seed pods. Soon I will clear the leaves and brush out of the beds, but I am holding back because the last frost date here is 15 May (and it is frequently that cold then).

March 2021 River and Seed Pods (and one cat picture)

The lovely shift to spring weather has coincided with the calendar this year. I don’t quite trust this warmth, and I imagine there will be another snow, probably in April. Last year the late frost was 16 May. But, enough of those gloomy thoughts. Here are some photos from a walk near the big river. These were taken on 20 March. So beautiful. A bit windy, which accounts for some of the blowing sand you can see in some of the pictures. I was also trying to show some of the standing stalks with their amazing seed pods still in place. And I finish off with a picture of a cat, because it is always helpful to see a picture of Tiglet. He is lounging in a box of straw in the barn.

March 2021 Garden and cats

It is still not truly spring in south dakota, but the temperatures are tricking all of us.

Notice that slight green tinge to the grass.
Minnie is happy to squirm around in the sun.
Everything looks brown, but there are some stirrings.
These tulips are buried in straw and up against the south side of the house; they always appear absurdly early.
This may be a victory. I will wait to crow until later if this plant really has made it. The rosemary will be the true test.
Meanwhile this beauty is still blooming indoors.
Morning moon.
Morning moon.
And morning sun.