August 2021 four o clocks and bees

The white flowers in the garden are generally doing the best of the blooms, but there are also many pinks and lavenders. I usually think there will be many yellow and orange blooms at this time of year and the rudbeckia are still blooming and there are some lilies, but the garden isn’t overwhelmed with yellow.

I put some plants together in this bed near the street and the pink four o clock is doing really well. The cosmos in this bed isn’t blooming yet. That is feverfew on the right, which looks worse in the picture than it does in life. It is a bit past its best.

In this picture above this four o clock is growing in a little raised space in the middle of this bed. The Love Lies Bleeding on the right is doing well; the eggplant in the front of the photo are not really producing that much yet.

August 2021 Kitties, Amaranth, and Tomatoes

That might be the perfect August trio: kitties lounging on grass in the heat, amaranth getting top heavy with its reddish purple heads, and the lush, unbeatable tomatoes.

Above is Martin Frobisher (here is a post on his naming) and below is Sidney.

The crunchy grass is also a part of August. Below is Tiglet, being busy as he usually is.

He did stop to have a look, and below is just so you don’t miss the Tiglet / Tiger staring out of those eyes. This throwback to a wild look is particularly amusing with him because is the sweetest softest cat.

These cherokee purple tomatoes are an heirloom variety (what a friend in London tells me is called heritage there). They are so beautiful and flavorful and a distinctive flavor. I like the flavor a lot –but the color is what really gets me. The greener ones here are not quite ripe. Yum.

August 2021 zinnia and marigolds

The zinnias are a nice spot of color next to some tomato plants and the marigolds are planted primarily in with the potatoes to ward off bugs. I have other taller marigolds that are coming later and should be blooming in September –they are in with the roma tomato plants. I like both of these flowers a lot –they are old fashioned standards.

Look at that lovely bit of spider web…. that must have been a fun trail for that spider to spin.

August 2021 sunflowers and vegetables

When I look out the kitchen window (while I am washing my dishes), I get to look at these sunflowers. Last year I had made a wigwam / tipi of old sunflowers, amaranth, broom corn and everything else I thought the birds would like. Of course it re-seeded and I decided to leave it. It has been lovely and I think I will keep it next year. I also feel less badly about having bird-enticing things on the north side of the house since the cats spend most of their time on the south side of the house.

And I have begun some pickling and canning. I bought 10 pounds of beets from a gardener down the road and canned them. I’ve canned them completely plain –not pickled. I like them in salads and soups in the winter.

I canned some chickpeas when I did the beets –since I had a little space in the canner for some extra jars. These are bread and butter pickles.

August 2021 blooms, amaranth, and a begonia

I had a lovely time watching a hummingbird this morning but have no pictures of it. The blooms are vibrant in the morning light, but everything is starting to get to that point where it might tip over the edge of the august sloping downward. This begonia is doing well outside, we will see if I can keep it alive over the winter this year.

This gorgeous airy plant is a Rocky Mountain Bee Balm. There is a bee on the other side of this bloom above.

This white blooming hosta above is really beautiful. Below is the red amaranth with the seed just starting to show. I wish I liked the taste of it better than I do. It isn’t bad, but I think it tastes too much like dirt (or “earthy” as a friend of mine more politely calls it).

August 2021 hostas blooming and a new phlox

The hostas are blooming and the bees love them. My bee pictures are not good. I will try to get better ones… but the blur of activity is a little appropriate. I also have this lovely lavender phlox that showed up alongside the peonies this year. I am not sure where this came from, but it is lovely.

Lavender phlox.
Sidney looking handsome on the bench. Tiglet is far too busy for bench lounging.

August 2021 unfortunate garden visitors…. raccoons and some lovely blooms

I have a pair of gorgeous black walnut trees south of my house. Last night when I got home from dinner, there was a lot of rustling and I realized that there were several small raccoons scrabbling around in the garden bed and generally making a ruckus. One of the batch ended up staying in the tree.

Raccoons are adorable but they are such messy bandits. They poo everywhere and tear up the edges of the barn.

My phone battery was dead so I ended up using a proper camera to take pictures of the bandit. So…. here are some pictures of blooms taken with a camera and not a phone.

These resurrection lilies are particularly good this year –naked ladies.

August 2021 cats! more news from Thomas’ house

I am pleased to say that I have some really lovely pictures of Thomas and his friend Squeak. Squeak is a fastidiously clean kitty –with her bright white fur.

I gave Squeak some treats. And she was very happy and cleaned my fingers for me.

Thomas was inside so I gave him a little snack.

But he was ready to go outside.

August 2021 other people’s kitties and some blooms

I have two friends out of town at the moment. They each have cats and for one of them, I am the main cat carer. In the other instance, I am just visiting the kitties and giving them treats and extra pets. SO, here is a post with some images from elsewhere. And I have a few pictures of some blooms.

Here is Thomas, looking handsome.

Here is a picture below of the very sweet Grumps having a snack on the porch.

Here, below, is a picture of all three of the kitties at this house. I didn’t take this picture, but I thought it would be nice to have a picture of all three of them.

Here is one of Thomas’ favorite spots… but he isn’t it in it:

And I am taking care of this kitty –Jack. He is enormous. And very sweet.

Jack doesn’t miss meals….

It is very satisfying to rub his tummy because he likes it and it is nice and big.

Below are some pictures of blooms at Thomas’ house.