August 2021 unfortunate garden visitors…. raccoons and some lovely blooms

I have a pair of gorgeous black walnut trees south of my house. Last night when I got home from dinner, there was a lot of rustling and I realized that there were several small raccoons scrabbling around in the garden bed and generally making a ruckus. One of the batch ended up staying in the tree.

Raccoons are adorable but they are such messy bandits. They poo everywhere and tear up the edges of the barn.

My phone battery was dead so I ended up using a proper camera to take pictures of the bandit. So…. here are some pictures of blooms taken with a camera and not a phone.

These resurrection lilies are particularly good this year –naked ladies.

August 2021 cats! more news from Thomas’ house

I am pleased to say that I have some really lovely pictures of Thomas and his friend Squeak. Squeak is a fastidiously clean kitty –with her bright white fur.

I gave Squeak some treats. And she was very happy and cleaned my fingers for me.

Thomas was inside so I gave him a little snack.

But he was ready to go outside.

August 2021 other people’s kitties and some blooms

I have two friends out of town at the moment. They each have cats and for one of them, I am the main cat carer. In the other instance, I am just visiting the kitties and giving them treats and extra pets. SO, here is a post with some images from elsewhere. And I have a few pictures of some blooms.

Here is Thomas, looking handsome.

Here is a picture below of the very sweet Grumps having a snack on the porch.

Here, below, is a picture of all three of the kitties at this house. I didn’t take this picture, but I thought it would be nice to have a picture of all three of them.

Here is one of Thomas’ favorite spots… but he isn’t it in it:

And I am taking care of this kitty –Jack. He is enormous. And very sweet.

Jack doesn’t miss meals….

It is very satisfying to rub his tummy because he likes it and it is nice and big.

Below are some pictures of blooms at Thomas’ house.

August 2021 tomato updates

I always imagine (in June) that I will be eating fresh tomatoes off my plants in July and I think it is always August. That said, the plants are late this year; our weather has been uneven and I transplanted out my seedlings later than normal. BUT the tomatoes are coming.

First the cherry tomatoes. Yum.

These above and below are Cherokee Purples –I had decided not to plant them but a couple came on their own so I’ve kept them. I was going to give them up although the flavor is fantastic on this heirloom tomato, I find them unforgiving. Like pears, they are at ripest perfection for about a half of a second. Demonstrating that instantaneous turning point: “Cheered and check’d even by the selfsame sky, / Vaunt in their youthful sap, at height decrease.” Well. “At height decrease” indeed. It means that if I don’t catch them at exactly the right moment, they go bad right there in the garden. BUT they are delicious. And so individual. And gorgeous ripe colors. I will simply have to check them every day this season to be certain I catch them.
These are (I think) Moneymaker tomatoes that I started from seed. I liked these a lot last year –which was the first year I had grown these.
These are either more moneymaker or better boy. I think they might be better boy. I also have roma tomatoes planted but they are even farther behind… which is a shame. I am counting on them for my sundried tomatoes.

And, finally, there are these funny little miniature tomatoes. A friend gave me a couple of plants a few years ago and they come back each year. I have them in the back of the rudbeckia bed next to some squash. They are lovely little snacks —I mostly eat them in the garden with them rarely making it to the house or into a salad. Here are some that getting ripe.

I will update with another tomato post at some point when more red appears. Meanwhile, I am going to go eat the cherry tomatoes.

August 2021 it rained here! and the kitties are happy

The thunderstorm last night refreshed everything. It wasn’t that much rain, but it certainly feels better here. AND the grapes are ripening. Here are pictures of happy kitties.

And look at this lovely blooming lily.

You can see that the bugs have absolutely ruined the leaves… but the grapes seem to be doing ok.

And here are some pictures of the outside kitties.

August 2021 one dahlia plant and red amaranth

I have one dahlia that is opening –and it is very red and lovely. I don’t know if the yellow ones will be as spectacular this year. The other stunning thing in the garden is the red amaranth, but it doesn’t photograph very well.

Here are some pictures of the red dahlia. The tomatoes behind the plant are escaping and are partially cage-free at this point.

This picture above gives some idea of the height of the amaranth; the picture below looks more pinkish than is accurate. These seed heads are really burgundy. I do have some of the Love-Lies-Bleeding –which are very pink, but they do not seem to get as tall as these.

August 2021 Zinnias

I like zinnias –they are such little workhorses of lasting color in the garden. I have some in a little pot next to the corner of the house and two other little bunches of them growing next to some tomato plants. They have barely started up with their blooms. These are cut-and-come-again. I’ve cut a few of them for a little vase in the kitchen, but mostly I am just watching them in the garden.

August 2021 poppies and morning glory

The morning glory is managing on its own; I feel mildly guilty that I didn’t give it something to climb on. It is a gorgeous deep velvety purple. It is growing alongside some white four o clocks.

These poppies are interesting. I think they are the Peony Double Blend from Botanical Interests

There is something amazing about the petals of a poppy, almost papery in appearance.

The purple morning glories are so luminescent.

Here is a lovely morning picture of SIdney and Tiglet; you can see just how the hot dry weather has been rough on the lawn.

August 2021 outside cats and garden

The weather really has shifted momentarily here and it is cool. It did not rain though so I will be watering heavily today to try to make up for it. I cut the lawn yesterday and Tiglet posed in various places.

Below is Tiglet in two different views in the same seat, conveniently he turned himself to face in the opposite direction.

Above is little Minnie and Sidney –with just a tiny view of Pretty’s tail on the right. That is a pot filled with some hyacinth bulbs that I found in the basement. I had thought I was going to give up on them, but at the last moment stuck them in this pot. I don’t know if they will make it to blooming. Maybe I should put them in the front of the house so they get longer sun.

Below, all three kittens are on the steps. Minnie, Tiglet, and Martin Frobisher enjoying the sunset.

And here is a pair of funny pictures of Caramel. It is cool enough for Cara to be happy curled up here.