August 2021 four o clocks and bees

The white flowers in the garden are generally doing the best of the blooms, but there are also many pinks and lavenders. I usually think there will be many yellow and orange blooms at this time of year and the rudbeckia are still blooming and there are some lilies, but the garden isn’t overwhelmed with yellow.

I put some plants together in this bed near the street and the pink four o clock is doing really well. The cosmos in this bed isn’t blooming yet. That is feverfew on the right, which looks worse in the picture than it does in life. It is a bit past its best.

In this picture above this four o clock is growing in a little raised space in the middle of this bed. The Love Lies Bleeding on the right is doing well; the eggplant in the front of the photo are not really producing that much yet.

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