August 2021 other people’s kitties and some blooms

I have two friends out of town at the moment. They each have cats and for one of them, I am the main cat carer. In the other instance, I am just visiting the kitties and giving them treats and extra pets. SO, here is a post with some images from elsewhere. And I have a few pictures of some blooms.

Here is Thomas, looking handsome.

Here is a picture below of the very sweet Grumps having a snack on the porch.

Here, below, is a picture of all three of the kitties at this house. I didn’t take this picture, but I thought it would be nice to have a picture of all three of them.

Here is one of Thomas’ favorite spots… but he isn’t it in it:

And I am taking care of this kitty –Jack. He is enormous. And very sweet.

Jack doesn’t miss meals….

It is very satisfying to rub his tummy because he likes it and it is nice and big.

Below are some pictures of blooms at Thomas’ house.

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