August 2021 poppies and morning glory

The morning glory is managing on its own; I feel mildly guilty that I didn’t give it something to climb on. It is a gorgeous deep velvety purple. It is growing alongside some white four o clocks.

These poppies are interesting. I think they are the Peony Double Blend from Botanical Interests

There is something amazing about the petals of a poppy, almost papery in appearance.

The purple morning glories are so luminescent.

Here is a lovely morning picture of SIdney and Tiglet; you can see just how the hot dry weather has been rough on the lawn.

2 thoughts on “August 2021 poppies and morning glory

    • I just looked up “Heavenly Blue” –wow. Yes, very blue. I think you are right about Grandpa Ott; a friend of mine who knows that purple is my favorite color for flowers gave me a plant last year that she had started for me –she did start it from seed, but I didn’t see the seed packet.


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