June 2021 Miniature hosta

These miniature hostas were given to me by the neighbor of a friend living in the next state over and they are such sweet little minis. I’ve propped up the oversized hosta that lives next to them so that this year I can properly see them. They are early blooming. I do also have a little miniature “mouse ears” hosta, but I need to move it so it is more visible.

These miniatures are quite small, but the ones behind them in this picture are also very tall hosta.

These are the other miniatures –and it looks like something has been eating them. All the more reason to get them moved. I must remember to do that move this fall. AND mark them after I move them so I don’t forget in the spring.

Here are a couple of pictures of regular hostas –I really like both of these kinds.

This variegated hosta is on the corner of the bed next to the patio and it glows in moonlight. It is what makes sense for me of the idea of white gardens.

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