June 2021 white hydrangea and kitties

The hydrangea are in full bloom. I tried to pull out the dead stalks from last year –this is really only possible very early on in the year since they are so thick and the patch of them is quite big. Obviously they are very happy here. I thought for a long time that it would be nice if I were to dump the acid/ base – soil fertilizer stuff on this ground so they would go lavender (since I like lavender flowers so much). I did foolishly buy a bag of the stuff many, many years ago and then when putting it on realized it would take a truck load to actually cover the space. A couple of years after that I realized that these hydrangeas are white hydrangeas and wouldn’t change color anyway.

Here is Minnie and Sidney have a little conversation.
And here is a very snoozy just-awakened Claribel.

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