June 2021 Kitties, peonies, and peas

The peas are forming in their little pods. And there are many blooms. I have one little row of peas so I will probably eat them all sitting in the garden, since there are so few of them. I planted them all the way back in March.

The peonies are opening. I think there are fewer blooms than last year. The oddities of the weather in the early year might have altered the way these were able to form their blooms.

In the bed near where the squash and pumpkin will be spreading out, there are wall flowers and cat mint. I read that the cat mint would drive away squash bugs. I don’t know if that is true, but the plant is looking really lovely.

3 thoughts on “June 2021 Kitties, peonies, and peas

  1. Hi Darlene. Thanks for stopping by my blog. My wife and I both have some South Dakota roots. My mother grew up in Sioux Falls and my wife’s father’s family were based in a small town called Menno, though many have moved away. Anyhow, I like your hedge of peonies. Are those orange flowers at the end wallflowers and are they fragrant?

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    • Interesting that you both have family from South Dakota –have you been back to the area recently? It sounds like these roots might be mostly in the past. Yes, I am very fortunate to have the hedge of peonies. The orange flowers are wallflowers –but they don’t look quite like the wallflowers in my London friend’s garden. These are so slight in their fragrance that I wouldn’t really call them scented… but I think they are lovely. I should probably pull out a few of them, but I was so pleased to see them well established that I couldn’t quite stand to pull any out.


      • You’re absolutely correct. Last time I was in SD was about 20 years ago, and that was for my job (I had to visit Pierre around four times per year). Judy was in Menno about 25 years ago for a family reunion but neither one of us has anyone we are close to living in SD these days. Plenty of memories, though.

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