May 2021 A TRIP to Colorado

I went away again for a very quick visit, flying into Durango, Colorado. I have some pictures from a lovely hike where we saw amazing lupines and a few other wildflowers. And lots of trees. The pictures don’t do a good job of capturing the dappling sunlight or the smell, but the colors are lovely.

In one section of the walk, a few iris (in the midst of what will be a large patch) have already started to bloom. They are delicate and yet sturdy. Smaller than the iris I have blooming in my garden, these will be stunning when there are many of them and the individual ones already open are arresting.

We saw several other wildflowers, some of which I recognize like wood violets and columbine.

This next yellow flower was prolific and I don’t think I’ve noticed it before. It is really a lovely yellow, low growing, and usually in clusters.

The mosses were incredible. And so varied.

A lovely quick trip and another step back to some semblance of normal life.

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