May 2021 Cats and Minnie’s paw

Minnie showed up home one evening a couple of weeks ago with a sore paw. I poked around a bit but couldn’t find a wound and obviously she wasn’t too excited about having me examine it.

She is far too important to take time off for a sore paw so she went back out the next morning to do her rounds (and whatever it is that she does). But she did come home early and spent a good bit of the afternoon in her box of straw under the edge of the front porch. That night the paw had gotten worse and was definitely getting swollen.

I still couldn’t see any wound. We went to the vet. Turns out she did have a wound –apparently a bite wound on the edge of her paw pad. OUCH. They cleaned it out carefully and gave her some meds. She came home and slept like a princess.

In two days she much, much better and now –a couple weeks out –it is as if it never happened.

Here is a picture of Cousin in the house, not quite fitting on his chair.

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