May 2021 Lilac starting

I have two substantial lilac bushes, one by the house and one by the barn. Both are just starting to open some of the buds and the scent is starting to permeate. This town where I live is filled with lilac bushes –entire hedge rows of lilac. Once they all really open, bike rides around town are lilac scented extravaganzas. I will try to remember this year to take some pictures of the impressive masses of them.

The bush near the house.
Here is the bush by the barn …. definitely needing a trim. It looks quite raggedy. As do those garden beds. Anyway, you can see some of the blooms in this picture, but they haven’t really taken off yet.

2021 May : : Kitty spotlight on Vladimir

Vladimir is a very handsome cat. He has managed to retain a great deal of his kittenish charm, but it occurs to me that he is not a young kitten anymore. He was born in August of 2009. He was an adorable kitten.

Vladimir and his pink nose as a kitten. He is pictured here with his sister Claribel and his mother.

This is him in Dec 2009.

Vlad is looking for (or finding) some trouble. His little sister is keeping an eye on everything at the bottom of the picture. Cousin is unimpressed by any of it.
January of 2010
May of 2010

He is a sweet, silly kitten. Here is a post about him and his bed head, if you want to see more pictures of Vlad.

Here is a picture of Vlad with his mum! She is such a tiny cat.

May 2021 Cats and Minnie’s paw

Minnie showed up home one evening a couple of weeks ago with a sore paw. I poked around a bit but couldn’t find a wound and obviously she wasn’t too excited about having me examine it.

She is far too important to take time off for a sore paw so she went back out the next morning to do her rounds (and whatever it is that she does). But she did come home early and spent a good bit of the afternoon in her box of straw under the edge of the front porch. That night the paw had gotten worse and was definitely getting swollen.

I still couldn’t see any wound. We went to the vet. Turns out she did have a wound –apparently a bite wound on the edge of her paw pad. OUCH. They cleaned it out carefully and gave her some meds. She came home and slept like a princess.

In two days she much, much better and now –a couple weeks out –it is as if it never happened.

Here is a picture of Cousin in the house, not quite fitting on his chair.

May 2021 wallflower, allium, iris, and other excitements

I had planned to put up some pictures from a visit to a local greenhouse –the splendors of abundance — but the garden is so lovely in the morning light and so many things are changing right now that I couldn’t resist.

It is in this bed that the most changes are happening right now. There are the iris, allium (newly opening), a tiny orange wallflower starting up, and some lilies that have suddenly become proper plants. There are also malva, hollyhocks, and a variety of types what I think of as black eyed Susans. I should look up proper names for these– some of the varieties are ones that my gardening neighbor and I dug from a fallow field in the countryside.

With some help from SIdney.
Tiglet in all his glory.

And here are the phlox by the barn, getting more gorgeous..

Looking behind these phlox, toward the corner of the barn, the lilies are starting to come. And it looks like they have increased substantially since last year. This lily is enormous, white, and heavily scented.

May 2021 Lawn, phlox, and iris

I cut the lawn over the weekend and did both the front and the back. This is my first full round of the season. I did the front a couple of weeks ago for the first time and the back just a week ago. Now I will be onto the schedule of cutting it probably every week or ten days.

The phlox and this iris are both opening nicely. These phlox are early, compared at least to my other ones that are pink and the long blooming white ones. Since these are so early, I have cut them back in different ways in the last couple of years attempting to get them to bloom again later in the season but they don’t want to. I suppose they wouldn’t have enough sun in this part of the bed, since the mulberry tree shades that once its leaves are out.

These iris are in a nice sunny bed and the allium next to them are about to start.

And then of course pictures of tulips and pictures of cats….

May 2021 More red tulips, peony tulips, and the hosta bed

I cleaned out the hosta bed and the miniature hosta to the left of the stone in the front look particularly hearty.

The peony tulips are really starting to look lovely.

Tiglet looks extra cute here; and he distracts from the dandelion I missed when I was digging them all out of the lawn.

And the tulips near the lightpost are opening more.

I don’t understand what the black marks are on these red tulips. It was very warm yesterday –92 degrees. Maybe they couldn’t handle the heat.

And finally here is a picture of a bed with many things that will be exciting….

May 2021 May Day flowers, growth, and some kitties

I had a little garden tour this morning and had some kitty help with everything.

The yarrow looks great this year and the hostas have popped up overnight.

These lily of the valley have come on really quickly. The recent warm weather has hastened everything.

I have little violets growing in many beds… and coming up in the lawn too.

These phlox are starting to bloom. They look more blue in the sunlight than in these pictures.

These iris are very early –I didn’t even notice they were getting this close to blooming until suddenly they were opening. I love this very rich purple. They are not very tall.

The rhubarb has really come along too.

This almond bush has opened out into these amazing pink pom pom blooms.

I probably should have cut the lawn before taking pictures… but the light was so lovely this morning.

And here are some kitties playing amongst the peonies.