April 2021 peonies from seed

I have many beautiful peonies. They were here when I bought the house. It was particularly lovely the first year because I had looked at the house in the winter and closed on it while it was still snow covered. Here is what they look like in all their glory. Or some of their glory.

A couple of years ago, I dug out some of the little seedlings from where they had started up in the lawn and transplanted them over by the mulberry tree. AND they look like they will bloom this year.

This year there were several healthy looking seedlings and I decided to dig some of them for transplanting. I hadn’t really thought about peonies coming up from seed.

On this one you can see the seed pod.

I’ve put two different clusters of seedlings in the garden. One cluster is between other clumps of peonies in the back. I’ve set out a new clump in the front. These I have put some wire fence around, mostly to keep the kitties from squashing them.

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