February 2021 Cats and weather

It was very cold here in South Dakota and has now warmed up.

These two are usually in the barn on their heated beds, but it was colder than negative 25 degrees F, which seemed to me a tipping point. Hence, sequestered in the upstairs sitting room.
Cousin looks dignified here.
Cousin, completely undignified.
Now that the snow has started to recede and the weather warming up, the geraniums look a little less fake through the upstairs window. They are so bright, but I have to keep turning them so that I get some of this happy red inside too.

February 2021 Food:: Winter farm market

Eggs save lives.
This notice above came with this pastry below; the winter farm market only happens every other week. These items are from a couple of weeks ago… but I have been slow.
The leeks, kale, and apples all came from the winter market. I cooked them together.
I added a sweet potato and had this with rice. It was delicious.

February 2021 Cat :: Cousin and his nose

This is Cousin. He is a big cat. And he often puts his nose into places where it gets scratched.
It has been ridiculously cold in South Dakota. Cousin’s response to the cold air near the windows has been to take complete advantage of sun on the bed.
I do not usually have this quilt on this bed. It is a big hit with Cousin.
He looks a little grumpy here, but the side eye probably has to do with the new scratch on his nose.
He woke just enough to have an eye on me for this one.

February 2021 Cats :: kitty bed head

Vlad usually looks something like this on the right.

Claribel and Vladimir, sister and brother, Trouble and Goofy.

Here are a series of images of Vlad with an epic case of kitty bed head. First the nap posture that contributed.

Vlad under his own tail. With a Cara snuggle on the side.

When he first awakened he gave me a more befuddled look than usual.

Then he decided he better straighten himself out a bit.

Notice he hasn’t quite had a chance to put his tongue away.

July 2020 Garden: Geraniums & a Lantana

These plants all suffered through the winter in the house and limped along until they finally managed to escape to the garden again. And they are very happy. The lantana is really the most impressive because it really looked next to dead by the time it was warm enough to get it outside again in the spring. These plants drink more water than any other I know.


July 2020 Garden yellow blooms

I am fascinated by these two different varieties. I suppose they are rudbeckia –but that doesn’t narrow it down very much. In any case, I ended up with the taller one farther back which is lucky.


The ones that are about to open are fascinating.


The Cosmos (Bright Lights) are turning into a nice wave of orange and yellow in the front bed.


These are yellow primroses to the left of this lovely orange cosmos bloom. _DSC0085_DSC0087

July 2020 Kitties

Here are few updates on what the kitties have been up to.  It has been very hot here, so kitties have been draping themselves in the best, coolest spots they can find.


Cara loves this ball –she has it tucked in next to her tummy here, presumably to have it at the ready in case she needs to have a quick game of carrying it around. wp-1595092053213.jpgwp-1595091869810.jpg

This doorway in the house (between the living room and the front hall) is a favorite spot; there must be a bit of a draft there. wp-1595092086115.jpgwp-1595092003476.jpgwp-1595091978973.jpgwp-1595091781363.jpgwp-1595091823932.jpg