June 2021 Rudbeckia, eggplant blooms, and feverfew

The eggplant are blooming; the plants look very sturdy and able to handle some fruits. I have two different kinds of eggplant (aubergine) planted. And the rudbeckia are really taking off.

And the feverfew is blooming. I love these delicate little daisy-like flowers. They are a sturdy plant that handles the wind. It is a vigorous re-seeder, but also comes back from sturdy roots as a perennial. It does have medicinal uses against migraines, but I haven’t used it for that.

Cousin looks a bit sly here with his side-eye and scratched nose. He was snuggled in getting some pets.

June 2021 Geranium /pelargonium, and some kitties

I have several geraniums in pots and move them inside in the winter and bring them back out in the summer. I do love how cheery they are in the winter, but I think some of mine might be reaching their age limit. I think I will take a couple of these out of their pots and see what is actually in good shape and do some heavy trimming. If I do it fairly soon they will still have a couple good months outside to recover from whatever I end up doing to them.

This pink one (above and below) was repotted last year.

This poor thing above needs to be released from its cage and its pot. I’m not sure what is happening in this one.
This white one is perfectly happy in the pot, but the top edge of the pot is disintegrating badly.

I just moved this deep red one, so I am trying to give it a chance to figure out which way it wants to go. I didn’t repot it, but took it out of a rather protected spot. The red is really deep.

This one has (obviously) a very different leaf and although the color doesn’t really show in this picture, the red is different than the other one.

Pretty is very happy about this seat. The evening sky last night almost looked like it might produce some rain, but it did not.

June 2021 love-in-a-mist and marsh mallow

The love-in-a-mist doesn’t seem to be as tall this year as it was last year, but I might be misremembering. Perhaps I will dig out some pictures of the flowers from last year and see if the height is visible. The marsh mallow looks amazing. But in the photos it looks more pink and to my eye it looks more lavender in the garden.

Above those are columbine leaves around the love-in-a-mist and below are some poppies included.

Here Sydney enjoying some Shakespeare on my lap.

I think this marsh mallow is Althaea officinalis. I have another plant from this same family –called malva, or what my next door neighbor called miniature hollyhock. It is just starting to bloom. I will get some photos of it at some point. Meanwhile, these are really looking lovely.

June 2021 white hydrangea and kitties

The hydrangea are in full bloom. I tried to pull out the dead stalks from last year –this is really only possible very early on in the year since they are so thick and the patch of them is quite big. Obviously they are very happy here. I thought for a long time that it would be nice if I were to dump the acid/ base – soil fertilizer stuff on this ground so they would go lavender (since I like lavender flowers so much). I did foolishly buy a bag of the stuff many, many years ago and then when putting it on realized it would take a truck load to actually cover the space. A couple of years after that I realized that these hydrangeas are white hydrangeas and wouldn’t change color anyway.

Here is Minnie and Sidney have a little conversation.
And here is a very snoozy just-awakened Claribel.

June 2021 roses, rudbeckia, and a kitty

I have several different rudbeckia in my garden. One my garden neighbor and I dug from a field and I am very pleased it has managed. I tried to have a look at some of the names of the different kinds –but there are so many it will take me a while to figure out which ones I actually have. In any case, they are quite spectacular and should go on for a while.

I was completely convinced that I had planted a yellow rose in my front bed near the bridal wreath spirea. It is definitely not yellow, but what a lovely color and so fragrant.

Here are some more pictures of rudbeckia–amazing when they are about to burst open.

Minnie is very happy about this cool grass that she found. It has been really hot here.

This white rose is blooming so much it almost can’t climb. And the poppies are sneaking over to this side of the garden bed.

June 2021 Yarrow and bachelor’s buttons

This yarrow is the happiest of any of the yarrow plants in the garden. It is next to the back patio and gets solid, bright but morning-only sun. I know yarrow gets marked as wanting full sun, but I think giving it a bit of a break at some point during the day is probably helping out–at least for this plant. There is also a bachelor’s button plant next to this. Last year I planted (and grew) in this spot a bachelor’s button that had dark maroon flowers. I had thought when this came up at the beginning of the spring that maybe it had reseeded. Whatever the situation, the flowers on this plant are not the deep maroon color. It does look lovely next to the yarrow.

June 2021 stormy morning

We are getting some much needed rain this morning. It came up very quickly. At about 5.30am the light changed in the sky and to the west the sky went pink. Apparently there was a rainbow this morning, but I didn’t see it.

Here is a sweet little lily that opened overnight.

This dianthus is an oddity. At the end of the year, I’ve turned this pot upside down with the plant in it and it comes back in the spring. The first year, it was simply luck –I turned the pot over to keep it from breaking and was surprised to find it sprouting back in the spring. This is now the third year of this same dianthus planting.

This hosta is doing so well this year –particularly full and tall.